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Meet Loops by Otobody,
your first and last handheld massager.

Loops are designed to conveniently help release everyday tension.
In moments when there’s no time for complicated relaxation techniques, nor the want to spend on extravagant treatments, Loops will be there, whenever you need, to smoothen your tangles.

Loops are incredibly beneficial for easing pains caused by modern lifestyle like stiff neck, muscle soreness, lazy lymph and blood flow. This is not just another fancy gadget you won’t even use. Loops are a simple and effective way to soothe troubling muscle aches.

Their design and purpose had you in mind. If you struggle with no extra time for yourself and energy deprivation, these Loops will give you the quick’n’ sweet massage you need. Fighting with different pain types caused by sitting all day, or giving all in a rough workout? Loops have your back! Or you might just feel blue and need a shot of self-love? Well, Loops will love you just the way you like it.

Loops are there for you when you’re craving physical attention with yourself, your body and loved ones around you. They’ll be your trusty massage companion anytime you need!

Get your loops here

Meet your favorite
handheld massager.

Loops are like a best friend, there for you when you need them. They’re the perfect light weight, battery-free self care gadget for when you want to give yourself or your friends the perfect relaxing rub down, any time, anywhere.

With a wooden handle and flexible loops designed and made locally in Europe, they’re also ecological and sustainable.

Meet Loops

I’m finally recovering after my surgery and I have already started my trainings. The Loops by Otobody are my little helpers. It is a small handheld (and handmade massager) the best one after training to boost up my blood flow and tired muscles. I am in love with Loops! I highly recommend them to all my colleague dancers.

Yeva Shiyanova, dancer

I got my Loops Massager a few months ago and I love how quickly I can use them after skiing and running. It takes only 5-10 min to use this massager and it’s a lot more effective than it looks! It might look like a very simple tool, but it really works great with a right amount of pressure.

I love it and use it after every workout.

Dasha Gaiazova

I’ve really been enjoying my Loops. I showed them to my friend Phil, who’s a rock climber, and he loved it! He injured his wrist and thought the massager was fantastic (he nearly stole them!).I’ve been keeping them at my desk to use them when I feel tired and I can easily say they’re helping!


“Loops are a super groovy self-massage invention. We all know that self massage should be a daily habit to increase lymphatic circulation, reduce stagnation and get the juices flowing to have vibrant skin. Loops make it easy and fun. I use them in the mid afternoon as a prana-inducing pick-me-up! I’m often at my desk on a conference call – and I can break out my Loops. Also they’re great on rehabbing strained muscles – and I can easily throw them in my suitcase to refresh after those draining plane rides!”

Cate Stillman






Mindful ritual of your day

Allow yourself that special time in your day, which is all yours. Calm down, take a minute to relax, clear your mind, and nurture your sanctuary – your body. Use Loops after a long meditation, before falling asleep or gently wake your body up in the morning. With pressuring on the right spots, you can also awaken your meridians and cherish your energy flow.

Bye, bye cellulite

A healthy body is one with excellent circulation and good energy flow. If your lymph is sleepy, you will quickly get tired. Your skin is a great indicator of slowly functioning lymph, a good example of that is the nuisance of cellulite. Give your blood system the boost it needs and your lymph the right stimulation. Refresh your body with proper water hydration and a gentle Loops touch, that also helps with swollen feet after a long flight, or heavy legs during pregnancy.

Antistress loops

You work long office hours, often get headaches from phone calls, and you feel stiffness in your neck and shoulders. Your cortisol levels, in fact, cause the tension in your body. So give yourself a break, lower the stress levels, take a moment for a deep breath, and gentle Loops touch. With pressing on specific trigger points on your body, you can also let yourself restock with energy.

Muscle recovery

Being active has its faults as well. You may feel muscle soreness, you’re swelling, and workout tends to cause inflammation in your muscles. Loops will give you instant relief for your muscle cramps and provide faster recovery after any type of sports activity. Give your body a more than needed massage touch after or in the middle of evening yoga class, long run, or a gym session.

Connection with people you care about

No matter on which side you are – being a giver or a receiver, you’ll benefit from a couples massage. Massaging with Loops is a way of showing affection to your significant other, and it will also strengthen that special bond you have with each other. What about a quick Loops break during long meetings or office hours? Well, giving a back massage to a coworker or a friend can build up emotional connection and trust. Give Loops a try!

Otobody Channel

Not quite sure how to use Loops by Otobody? Don’t worry welcome to our Youtube site and find out how you can incorporate Loops into your busy everyday life. Start your day with a relaxing morning routine or end it with an evening calming session. Learn how to use Loops with your partner and how you can take care of each other. Do you know you can also use these hoops for massaging your dog or a cat?

Check out our Youtube Channel to find more about treating your body the right way – with lymph stimulation, body oxygenation, blood circulation, and antistress massage. Discover how to make your new lifestyle healthier with a physiotherapist and indulge in unique OTO routines.

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This is a love story.
Because love is to take care of yourself and others.

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