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The best things in life are simple
You already know how to make your body feel flexible, energized, and fresh. It’s time to put all of that into practice!

Turn off the TV. Stop scrolling through mindless content on social media. Forget about your to-do list. It’s time to live in this moment and fully embrace the body you were given. If not now, when? Current situations are teaching us that we need to stop worrying about tomorrow and start living in the here and now. You already know what you should do to make yourself feel better, but you often fall back into old patterns.

“Calm down & self-massage.”

It’s scientifically proven that if we want to feel good, we need to keep our bodies moving. One of the ways how you can do this is by massaging your body. Massage grounds you, calms you, and moves you – physically and mentally. This is the art of self-massage.

Massage can nurture your whole body because it:

  • increases body flexibility
  • increases blood and oxygen circulation
  • engages your lymphatic system
  • warms up your muscles
  • gets fascia moving
  • lowers your cortisol levels
  • calms and soothes you
  • connects you with your own body

Mentally reclaim yourself

Being mindful and present can actually change your brain, and can be done quickly with self-massage. It redirects the mental fixation on your worries about the future. The act of self-care deepens your relationships with yourself and others and gives you the chance to feel stress-free, even for just a few minutes. Massage the bad vibes out of your body – it’s indeed as simple as that.

Physically remove the tension

A sedentary lifestyle and constant stress bring a toll on your body. No wonder you are physically unwell – you are in pain, have headaches and bloating, and swollen limbs. With self-massage, you’ll bring your fascia, lymph system, and blood circulation to a higher functioning . It might even look like you’re having a dance with yourself. Why not have a little fun while you’re at it.

“Good vibes only” with Loops by Otobody

The only self-massage gadget you’ll ever need!

It’s scientifically proven that if we want to feel good, we need to keep our bodies moving. One of the ways how you can do this is by massaging your body. Massage grounds you, calms you, and moves you – physically and mentally. This is the art of self-massage.

You can reconnect with yourself and others, improve your health, and find the balance your body needs just by adding a few minutes of self-massage with Loops into your daily routine.

From nature, with love

With Loops, everything is designed and made purely out of love. Well, not literally. The minimalistic, yet warm, shape of the handle fits directly into your palm. You are in complete control of the massage pressure, a total range between gentle strokes and strong, targeted trigger point release is possible. Each handle is unique and made from wood ethically produced in Europe. The fresh, natural wood smell is unmarred by toxic processing. Two flexible polymer hoops will never lose their elasticity, so Loops will be your companion for years to come.

Here it is – a sustainable massager made of only two materials. With ethical production and local sourcing, Otobody has created a tool that helps you feel good and that you can feel good about!

With Loops self-care is not only an inside job

Self-care with Loops is like a warm hug. It gives you that tingly feeling and gently caresses your skin. You can use it in circular motions to speed up your circulation and tackle cellulite. You can run Loops along the muscles to relieve soreness and wake up your lymph system. With the wooden handle, you can break muscle knots and connect to your life energy through acupuncture meridians. There are indefinite techniques for how you can incorporate Loops to take care of yourself.

Choose your Loops now

Loops by Otobody

$ 39,90$ 45,90

The most convenient massage tool in the world.

Sustainable, battery-free, and multifunctional.

Allow yourself to enhance your senses, enrich your body, and well being and sample a trend-setting option.

FREE SHIPPING for orders over 65 $
Made in Europe – Lifetime Warranty


Flexible loops

are made from high-quality, Polyoxymethylene plastic materials.

Wooden handle

in 4 delicately selected variations of wood.

Convenient for

meridian therapy. Find out how to massage acupressure spots with the handle.

Approved by

professional physiotherapists, yoga teachers, and sports women and men all around the world.

No battery

& environment-conscious.

Don’t need any

particular maintenance.

The Kickstarter

community adored this product.


easy for transportation.


What size are the Loops and how much do they weigh?

Loops by Otobody are 25,5 cm long, 9 cm wide, and 6 cm high. They weigh 185 g, so you can effortlessly put them in your bag or suitcase.

From which materials the product is made of?

The hoops are made out of high-quality polyoxymethylene plastic materials that are flexible, pleasant to the touch, and they will last you a long time. This is why the massager is eco friendly – since you won’t have to replace it any time soon. The wooden handles are available in 3 different types of wood: beechwood, walnut, and cherry. All materials are sourced and produced in the EU.

In what colors is the article available?

The colors differentiate on the type of wood used for the handle. Bright Loops are natural beechwood color, Grey Loops are color-treated beechwood, which is grey color with a blue hint. Chocolate Loops are in natural walnut colors. The last variant is Cherry Loops, which is vibrant in its beautiful red, with no additional coloring. The loops are made out of black plastic.

How often and for how long should I massage with Loops?

There is no clear answer to this question because the design of this funky gadget had in mind the fast, modern life. It depends on how you massage with Loops; optimal should be a few times a week for at least 20 minutes. Obviously, our lives’ fast pace doesn’t allow us everyday use, but we encourage you to try. With Loops, you can easily make self-massaging or massaging your special someone a daily ritual. Even if you’re a very busy bee, you should find a few minutes for yourself, let’s say for waking up your body in the morning, during work hours when you feel all stiff and stressed, after a nice workout session or after a long flight when you have swollen feet or right before you go to sleep for a lovely winding down meditation. The options are limitless.

How can I use Loops for self-massage?

You have to be a curious explorer of yourself since each body is different, and some massage moves feel better to someone – different strokes for other folks! With that said, there are some effective techniques you can give it a try and see if they work for you:

RELAXING YOUR MUSCLES: Wake up your muscles before a workout by tapping them (use either Loops’ hoops or handle); after a session, massage along with your muscles toward your heart..

SWOLLEN FEET OR ANKLES: Start with small circles and proceed to bigger circles clockwise, counterclockwise, and repeat on the other leg.

WAKING UP YOUR LYMPH: It’s important to massage your whole body. Start with your head (with handle) and massage your forehead with an upward and downward motion. Massage your cheek in motion from nose to ear. Then continue to rub under your collarbone, under your armpits, and inner part of your elbow. Continue with legs, always trying to massage from the middle of the back of your thighs.

CELLULITE ELIMINATION: For cellulite treatment, you can use the same techniques as lymph massage. But there are other moves you can try and don’t be afraid to use a little more force. You can use pounding, circular motions (counterclockwise, from hip to thigh and back), and kneading with your hands.

HELPING WITH THE HEADACHE: Headaches are mostly the outcome of stress and stiff neck and shoulders. This is why it is recommended to massage your head (temples, brows) with a handle. Also, use flexible loops for your neck, shoulders, and back in circular motions.

ANXIETY AND STRESS (STIMULATING YOUR MERIDIANS): Tapping is a very effective method for relaxing your body and mind. It’s called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and it has been used to treat PTSD of war veterans. Identify the problem and accept yourself despite the pain and start gently tapping your whole body with a Loops’ wooden handle.

How do I know this is a product for me - who do we especially recommend it to?

Loops by Otobody is a product made for everyone who suffers from a fast-paced lifestyle but wants to do something about it. It’s for you who wants to take care of your body and mind. It’s completely battery-free and made out of sustainable materials, so it’s a perfect match for you conscious of our planet Earth.

  • If you suffer from significant stress and anxiety, a mindful massage for a few minutes a day will reinforce some stability and calmness in your day.
  • If you work a lot and feel your neck and shoulders get stiff, a messaging with Loops will soften the muscles and relieve the tension.
  • Suppose you want to reconnect with your special someone. Giving or receiving a massage by Loops will be a perfect opportunity.
  • If you take a long train or car rides, walks, or if you’re expecting your ankles and feet will get swollen. A nice gentle massage will help.
  • If you want to unwind and take a moment for yourself, you need a mindful massage.
  • If you’re an active person and need to relax your muscles after or in between workouts.

Dry, wet, or oily skin?

It depends on what kind of massage you would like to achieve. Lymphatic or connective tissue massage works just fine with no additional creams or oils. The friction creates enough stimulation in itself. But a lot of people prefer having a smoother sensation while massaging. You can use special massage oils or natural butter (like cocoa) or make sure to check Otobody shop for something extraordinary coming soon 😉

Can I use it in the shower?

Yes, you can use Loops in the shower! The handle is made out of hardwood, so make sure you air dry it when you’re finished. If you’re frequently using it in the shower, make sure to oil the handle from time to time. The handle is made out of hardwood and water (with all its impurities) can dry it out.

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FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING for orders over 65 $
Where and how can I get my shipping number?
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Where can I check the arrival of my package?
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Customer service:
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Lifetime Warranty
Otobody offers you a lifetime warranty on Loops. Being sustainable to our maximum capacity means the world for us. This is why we have chosen durable materials that will last you a lifetime. The longer a product lasts, the less impact it will have on the environment in the long run.

Otobody Lifetime Warranty covers defects or manufacturing failures. However, we are not responsible for damage caused by negligence, misuse, wear, and tear outside manufacturing defects. But worry not! Suppose something happens to the product and falls outside of the warranty. In that case, you can still send it back, and we will help with the situation for a reasonable price.

Additional information


Natural beechwood, Colored beechwood, Natural cherry, Natural walnut

Made in SLO



Local wood

NOT dropshipping

“The Loops are a super groovy self-massage invention. We all know that self massage should be a daily habit to increase lymphatic circulation, reduce stagnation and get the juices flowing to have vibrant skin. Loops make it easy and fun. I use them in the mid afternoon as a prana-inducing pick-me-up! I’m often at my desk on a conference call – and I can break out my Loops. Also they’re great on rehabbing strained muscles – and I can easily throw them in my suitcase to refresh after those draining plane rides!”

– Cate Stillman

Discover the self-massaging world

The power of massage is massively underestimated. You probably treat yourself to a massage only on special occasions or when you get that stabbing pain in your neck or lower back that holds on to you for a week. Do you remember when the last time you massaged yourself or your partner was? Well, this will change when you hear the vast benefits the Loops will bring into your life.

Boost your lymph system to tackle cellulite

Suppose you think that cellulite results from having a few pounds too much; you’re mistaken. Of course, you need to be active to reduce its appearance, but you also have to have a very vivid lymph system. This is a fluid that carries your immune system by removing your body’s waste. If the flow gets too slow, you get a build-up of your toxins, and there you have it – cellulite. It also results in retaining water in your system, which significantly burdens women with swollen feet.

Massaging your whole body with Loops will awaken your lymph fluids and have them move through your body.

An effortless way to relax and recharge

There’s no point in walking the world like a nervous wreck. While sometimes being stress-driven can be productive, for example, at work, it’s not healthy having your cortisol levels up in the sky for a prolonged time. This is how tension, headaches, stiff neck, shoulders, and acid reflux are born.

‍Having Loops always by your side will be a constant reminder to retract into a calm place, even if just for a few minutes.

Make your workout more effective

You’re probably thinking: Huh, how can I do that with a massager?! Working out causes post-workout pain and swollen muscles, plus cramping after or between activities. Gentle massage with Loops will help with both of them. And consequently, you’ll be more effective with your workout since the recovery period will be shorter. Massaging to relax your muscles will also treat and prevent injuries. Behold, hot summer!

Shed the unproductive emotions

Emotions have an imprint on our bodies. They’re painted on our bodies, and piling up negative ones will sooner or later show some sort of physical discomfort. For example like having a killer headache after a stressful meeting. Sadly, you can’t pack up your things and leave emotions.

‍You need to move them through your body, and you can do that with self-massage.You can also press the acupuncture points with their wooden handle.

Form a stronger bond with your loved ones

If you have it, you want to share it, right? What’s the point in having something special, when you can share it and make someone else happy, too. That’s the whole point of living! With Loops, you can share the fantastic experience of massage with your closest ones. It doesn’t matter if you’re giving or receiving; both sides will get something extraordinary from it. You can offer a sweet massage also to your pet. They’ll love it!

Revive and rekindle with a tender massage

Loops by Otobody don’t need any complicated relaxation techniques to leave a footprint on your body. You go with your flow and see what works for you. Find a silent room, take a breath and start with a gentle massage. If you’re feeling cramped up or knotted, go ahead, and be harsher. In just a few minutes, you’ll feel refreshed.

Start using it in the morning to get that extra wake-up buzz alongside your coffee. Use it also at the gym, when you are cooling down and preparing your muscles for regeneration.

And most definitely – use it in the evening when you have “me” time, with a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

Otobody Channel

Not quite sure how to use Loops by Otobody? Don’t worry welcome to our Youtube site and find out how you can incorporate Loops into your busy everyday life. Start your day with a relaxing morning routine or end it with an evening calming session. Learn how to use Loops with your partner and how you can take care of each other. Do you know you can also use these hoops for massaging your dog or a cat?

Check out our Youtube Channel to find more about treating your body the right way – with lymph stimulation, body oxygenation, blood circulation, and antistress massage. Discover how to make your new lifestyle healthier with a physiotherapist and indulge in unique OTO routines.

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This is a love story.
Because love is to take care of yourself and others.

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