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Take a moment to cool down your nervous system and treat yourself with self-massage. Loops by Otobody are here to give you a hand.

Wondering how you can incorporate Loops into your busy everyday life? Here are some ideas and a few main points on which areas of your life you can upgrade and enhance. There are definitely many more ways to be explored and discovered, so be sure to let us know how Loops became your most used tool.






Mindful ritual of your day

You’ve heard it a thousand times before. Mindfulness is where the magic happens. But it’s so hard to stay calm and mindful when the world around you seems to go nuts. Well, as you know, excuses are just laziness in high heels. You won’t get very far by searching for yet another reason not to take half an hour a day to rest your mind and collect your thoughts.

Did you know that mindfulness has completely changed cognitive therapy? It’s true! Research shows that being present in the moment and practicing mindfulness actually changes the brain.

The whole practice of mindfulness and its experience gets even better when combining both body and mind processes. Like a mindful massage, for example.

Try this

Practice calmness, clarity, and concentration while gently massaging your body or pressuring your acupuncture points.

You need: 15 minutes a day, quiet and private room, and Loops by Otobody.

Benefits of introducing mindfulness into your daily life:

  • Lower stress levels. You’ll become less reactive to your environment.
  • Switching dark thoughts to more positive ones. This effect is called “mind comforting.”
  • Boost your memory and focus. Get highly productive and creative!
  • Emotional growth and maturity come naturally when spending quality time with yourself.
  • Strengthen your relationships. By better knowing yourself, you become more aware of your emotions and the emotions of others. You’ll naturally become less reactive and more caring when taking time for yourself each day.
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Bye bye cellulite, hello lively lymph

We rarely stop and look at the fact that body fluids make our lives possible. They make you healthy and feeling well, but only if they’re streaming through your body correctly – and you’re mistaken if you think you can’t have any say in that.

The answer to sluggish lymph, swollen feet, and yes indeed – cellulite is an active lifestyle, lots of hydration and a daily dose of massage.

The Lymphatic system is the second most crucial transportation system in the human body. It specializes in removing tissue’s “waste” as in bacteria or toxins, protein, and up to two liters of water per day. But unlike blood vessels, the lymph moves slowly. And when its flow gets too slow and where your fascia (connective tissue) is restricted, you will notice a completely natural yet very annoying women’s burden – cellulite.

Pregnancy is yet another time in women’s lives when we experience symptoms caused by slow lymph flow. It causes your body to retain more water, and the lymph can’t handle it. Like after a long plane flight or a car ride when you suddenly notice your ankles are swollen or your feet heavy.

Try this

You can learn the basics of lymphatic massage quickly at home. Well, you don’t even need to be a professional to give your lymph a morning wake up call!

You need: 10 minutes in the morning and Loops by Otobody. Gently massage your legs, all the way up to your bottom. You’re ready to enter a new day refreshed and with superb energy flow!

Antistress Loops

If you think you’re going crazy, think again. Maybe it’s not you – it’s the whole world. Who is able to escape the modern pitfalls of stress – especially at work? Well, nobody, I guess. Sitting for eight or more hours a day, always holding the phone, not knowing how to sit so your legs and bum won’t hurt, sitting in the car in traffic jams, … Sounds familiar? Welcome to society, driven by cortisol.

Your body feels like it’s in a constant cramp. Your neck and shoulders feel like they’re made out of stone. Your stomach hurts, and you feel like your head is going to explode. So what can you do before anxiety hits the driver’s seat again?

Saying that you need a vacay is not entirely helpful.

What you should do is consider a new habit that will rewire your brain from cortisol to oxytocin. It’s that simple as taking ten breaths and focusing on self-love each time stress knocks on the doors. What could be even better is gently massaging your body and doing the breathing at the same time.

Try this

Rewire your brain with a simple trick to help your body produce more oxytocin instead of cortisol. Each time panic strikes a pose, slow down for just a minute. Grab your Loops and gently massage your body while focusing on breathing and the thought of loving yourself at the same time. It’s that easy, we promise!

You need: A commitment to giving this technique a go, plus Loops by Otobody.

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Muscle recovery

Oh, how good a yoga session feels and how amazing you feel after a long walk in nature! There’s something captivating that happens to your brain after exercising.

But while there are many benefits to being active, there are a few disadvantages that may bring you down. Post-workout soreness that usually happens the day after exercise can be quite unpleasant. Plus, it might stop you from working out for a few days in a row.

There are two types of pain that are caused by workout: post-workout pain and swollen muscles, plus cramping after or even in between activity. The good news is both of these pain can be taken down quickly and easily. Think about what you do when your legs are caught in cramps? Exactly, you massage yourself!

Massage is very common for helping with muscle fatigue and inquiry. Studies show that massage is exceptionally beneficial for muscle soreness and reducing swelling after a workout.

A nice soothing session with Loops by Otobody may also help boost the effectiveness of your workouts. How comes? Massage helps with faster recovery between workouts, treat injuries when muscles tighten up, prevent injuries, and psychosocially relieves tension.

Try this

Use Loops in between your workout, after a workout, and the next day. Test this principle for 14 days, and the next thing that will come to your mind might be – “Why haven’t I try this before?”

You need: Post-it note to take your Loops to the gym or yoga class 🙂

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Get Anxiety and restlessness out of your body

Are you continually failing for the buzzing notifications, comparing yourself with other people on social media, and falling into digital rabbit holes for several hours a day? Maybe it’s finally time to break free of anxiety. This little monster has become so prevalent that it is almost normalized.

Did you know that our emotions are being slowly painted in our bodies? This means that feeling anxious or having a sense of doom is a strain on your mind and your body. Negative emotions become anchored in your body and may be the reason why you’re feeling such physical signs.

Emotions are designed to move right through your body but not to stay there. This is what numerous cultures all over the world believed for centuries. You shouldn’t lock sensations like anxiety into your tissues and muscles, while they can be quickly released from your body with a mindful massage or pressing on your acupuncture points.

Try this

It’s time for your daily sanctuary. Try a tender, mindful massage with Loops, and don’t forget to press onto your energy points with a wooden handle. This technique will release barriers that block your energy, and it will leave you refreshed and energized.

You need: 15 minutes a day, quiet and private room, and Loops by Otobody. Watch a video to get the idea about pressing meridian spots with a wooden handle.

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Connection with people you care about

When designing Loops, we didn’t think just about individuals but instead went a step further. The best things in life are those that can be shared. And massage is undoubtedly one of them!

No matter on which side you are – being a giver or a receiver, you’ll benefit from a couples massage. Massaging with Loops is a way of showing affection to your significant other, and it will also strengthen that special bond you have with each other.

We are all craving that connection with a special someone. We want to feel closer to our coworkers, friends, and family. Since Loops’ usage can be so vast, you can share intimate moments with any human being and at any place given – at work, gym, or while meditating. Help people around you with those stiff necks, painful shoulders, or backache. You won’t believe it, but pets also adore being massaged with Loops!

The exciting part about giving a massage is that both of you and your massage partner will benefit physically and emotionally. It’s like Christmas gifts – we get the most satisfaction when we give a well thought present that makes someone scream for joy.

It’s about improving the well-being of others that are making you feel better as well. Showing affection and taking a moment for each other does wonder, right?

Try this

Time for romance: put on relaxing music, dim the lights, light cozy scented candles, and use essential oils with Loops by Otobody to gently massage your partner. What a perfect and utterly effortless date night!

You need: an evening just for two of you, and Loops by Otobody.

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