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The most convenient massage tool in the world.

Sustainable, battery-free, and multifunctional. Loops are in the reach of your hand when you need them and can go wherever you go – put them in your backpack or slip them in your jacket pocket.

There has never been a cutest, more easy to use nor more adored handheld massager. Ever.

Loops are THE thing, not just a thing. You can travel the world but won’t find one of a kind hoops that make Loops so characteristic. Thanks to unique innovation, these two simple yet extremely effective loops can reach every part of your body that needs a gentle touch or wake up massage. This tool easily adapts to the whole body, no matter your shape or size.

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Stuck at home, sitting all day long? Beware.

Sitting is far from innocent. Each and every professional therapist – modern or traditional – will tell you that the worst thing you can do to your body (and your brain!) is sitting all day long without regular intermediate breaks.

Since the whole world and all of us, working on computers, are trapped at wanna be “home offices,” we don’t have much choice but to adapt to the new reality. You should know that now, more than ever, it is vital to take care of our bodies. Stand up. Take a walk. Listen to calm music. Massage your body. Stretch your muscles. On repeat.

Self-massage is therapeutic. Seriously.

Need a scientific proof? Read articles on massage and self-massage. You will be surprised how many diseases can be prevented with regular massages. Well, even better than reading is trying it out by yourself! Grab your Loops by Otobody and give them a try. Self-massage is the most affordable, handy, and efficient body therapy you can get.

Massage yourself 3 times a day, just for a couple of minutes, and by the end of a week, you will not want to trade Loops for any other massager. Your blood and lymph flow will speed up, the stiff neck will be just a distant memory, stress levels will drop, your muscles will recover a few times faster, and even that orange skin might become less visible. Well, you won’t know until you try, will ya?

Bye modern gadgets.
Let's go back to basics.

You’ve probably experienced the hassle of an electric massager that you soon forgot about. There are thousands of products out there. But none of them like Loops.

Imagine having a gadget you’ll actually feel connected to – no battery, no cords, no notifications. Loops are completely inlined with you. When designing them, we wanted to give you that “back to basics,” “back to nature” feeling. We believe less is more. And we wanted to make Loops so easy to use that you will have no excuse to use them regularly. Even at the busiest time, you will surely find a moment for a self message’s special ritual.

Wake up your body with circular motions, gently massage your swollen legs after a long ride or muscles after a vigorous workout, press and release your acupuncture points, free the tension you feel in your neck and shoulders in the office, or surrender your anxiousness after a hectic day. Want even more magic? Loops massager can offer you so much more!

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Wood and wires. That's it.

Loops by Otobody carry two sleek hoops made from high-quality Polyoxymethylene copolymer compound plastic materials. The magical part about them is that their elasticity will never go away, even if you pull them apart completely. With flexible loops, you can soothe practically every piece of your body – even your abdominals!

The sturdy wooden handle comes in 3 delicately selected variations of wood. You can choose between mysterious grey and delicate bright beechwood, warm walnut, and sexy cherry. The velvety surface will provide a sturdy grip while lightly massaging.

What is even more compelling about this ever so firm handle is that it is not made just for holding the Loops. You can also use it in your self-massage ritual. By pressing it onto specific acupuncture points in your body, you can provide yourself a proper meridian therapy. The combination of plastic loops and solid wood makes it possible to use this funky gadget even in the shower – just air dry it after you’re done.

Minimalistic design at its finest

Have you ever seen such an eye-pleasing massager? Loops by Otobody contain effortless minimalist aesthetics with clean curved lines. Defined by calming design and vibe, they feel like a breath of fresh air on your skin.

Healthy living and feeling good don’t need to feel overwhelming and time-consuming. Chuck your Loops in your bag or a suitcase, and there you go. A highly functional and unique design makes it easy for use and conveniently always at your side.

Otobody knows the importance of taking care of the environment. This is why Loops are battery-free and made out of sustainable materials, carefully crafted by our locals. Loops will last you a lifetime! The beauty found in nature is essentialized in this handheld gadget, which is also produced ethically.

Join the self-care movement

Has there been a time in history that self-care was made less a priority than today? We doubt so. There has never been such an urge to create extra time in humans’ timetables than today. We compromise on sleep, on a diet, on those stolen moments that are only ours. But indeed, we need them more than ever.

Our goal is more than just to make you feel good when using Loops by Otobody. We dream about a society that can easily schedule hours for self-care, mindful living and wholesome well-being. Because a society like this is a happy one, a healthy one, and a loving one. Let us start where we are. Let us begin with a few minutes of affectionate self-massage. It’s a good start, don’t you think so?

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