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It was somewhere in July 2015 when my honeybunny Inja & I had enough. Enough of overcrowded spaces that felt empty. Enough of pointless tasks for people that knew the price of everything and the value of nothing. Inja is an actress & a model..her lifestyle was not a simple routine : sit, make-up, photoshoot, act, sleep..sit, make-up, photoshoot, act, sleep.. What we strongly felt in common was the amount of useless energy spent sitting. Doing nothing useful in particular. Not for ourselves, not for others. Endless phone calls, sitting in the car, sitting in your office…and in the evening, sitting in our sofa, doing nothing – exhausted by life´s strange and meaningless cycles.

o…we decided the Croatian coastline was the answer. To break this monotonous circle of life that had absolutely nothing to do with hakuna matata. We sat in our red volkswagen (yup – sat again) and just drove. Destination…sea. Heavy rain did not stop us. Every drop shattered on our front glass was a silent scream for freedom. It felt a little irresponsible because my job demanded full focus…but so did Inja´s eyes. So did MY life. OUR life. We used to live like bunnies. Jump around, make love, make friends, party, make love, eat a little, jump a little & make some new friends…embracing all of life´s little-big secrets. Sharing all our shameless passions. Being crazy in a good way.

Somewhere near Split, like an hour away from our life-changing fairy ride to eternal sunshine, seagulls and fried calamari, our red volkswagen got thirsty. Inja did her usual catwalk to the toilets, said something about her swollen feet, but I didn´t particularly took notice because I was really exhausted from all the ´sit & drive´ thing also. Gladly the six-hour drive went by without some stupid, little, meaningless fight about whether an albatros could, or could not circle our mother earth in one flight. Why would he?.. It was then I noticed some crazy-looking guy talking to Inja – so I hopped into that direction. I´m not a particularly jealous bunny. The guy was ´polar bear´ huge, around sixty-ish, short white hair, sun wrinkles everywhere…but immediately after I came into his shadow, fearlessly tried to look boldly into his eyes, searching for intentions, my mind made a subconscious decision – the guy was OK. His sparkling sky eyes weren´t there to seduce, to infiltrate fear…he was the nicest ´Man bear´ I´ve ever met. It seemed like they were into some small talk rubbish but it turned out he just wanted to help.

He likes to drink coffee when the sun is high he said. He likes seagulls singing and crickets in the back. And roaring thunders from the south. He likes flies tickling his fingers…reminding him of moments passing. But he doesn´t like young people passing by. Rushing. Exausted. Swollen. Then he gave us this funny looking massage tool. Handheld, handmade. We wanted to pay for his coffee at least. He politely declined. Gently smilin´ in between.

And he said: ˝This is not a miracle object…You are…Your body is. The tool will remind you of that. That You are Energy that needs to be awakened!˝ …he smiled in between.

So…I wanted to share what the old man told Inja and me. That we could all be bunnies again. Hopping lively into life´s ending meadows. Smilin´ in between. The old man´s name was OTO.

The Great Croatian Inventor Neno Dodoja aka “OTO”

Packing our massagers after successful Kickstarter campaign …

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