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5 risks of sitting (by physiotherapist)

Imagine your day: sitting while eating breakfast, sitting in your car on the way to work, sitting while working for at least 8 hours on weekdays, then driving again, eating, watching TV, scrolling through your social media, reading a book…

An average person spends from 6 – 9 hours a day sitting. One British study finds that an adult spends more than 18 years sitting down. 😳

Needless to say that you sit a lot more than the previous generations due to your work or new favorite activities (scroooolling or Netflix’n’chillin’ all afternoon), and this is taking a massive toll on your body. Our mental and physical bodies were not made for a sedentary lifestyle.

There are impacts of excessive sitting that are happening in your body silently. You may have no idea until you start feeling unwell – like back pain, joint pain, or other inflammations that can occur in your body.

We talked to physiotherapist Miha Perko to show us what exactly happens in our bodies if we have an inactive lifestyle, and here are five downfalls you should pay attention to.

#1 Imbalance in the body

Too much sitting gives your body an uneven or unilateral load. This affects your muscles; they are changing unevenly or differently. Uneven muscle tone causes disproportions in the body or improper biomechanical loads on your joints. This results in various inflammations of muscles and tendons. The most dreadful consequence, in the long run, is the wear and tear of your joints.

#2 Not so innocent back pain

A sedentary lifestyle causes shortening of the hip flexors. Inactivation of the hip extensors will cause your pelvis to tilt forward. With your pelvis tilting, this will increase tension in your lower spine. And here you have the most common and the most costly diseases of modern times – back pain. Even teenagers suffer from it and imagine what implications can bring you from many years of sitting.

#3 Bad blood circulation

The body is made for movement and needs good blood circulation. This is provided only by an active lifestyle. If there is not enough blood circulation, the muscles lose tone, mass, and become inflamed. The same happens with your organs; they need good blood circulation as well. Plus, they cannot function optimally if they don’t have the right support from the abdominal muscles. An active body is also essential for your joints. They feed with diffusion, and their inactive state causes non-blood flow and faster wear.

#4 Poor Lymphatic system

The Lymph is a cleansing mechanism that works very slow. They receive by-products from cells, toxins, and excess water. If there are too many by-products, the Lymph will not work correctly. The same as when you’re under great stress at work, and you get even more tasks that need to be accomplished ASAP. Just like that, you’ll make more mistakes, and all this stress will slow you down. The lymphatic system is working correctly only if you’re active, but you can also help it with a massage.

To help with blood circulation and fantastic lymph flow, we at Otobody have designed a unique massager Loops. It’s a small and funky gadget made out of sustainable materials. With its extremely flexible hoops, you can massage your whole body!

They are designed for everyday use and are practical, especially for those who have no extra time for complex massage techniques. It’s handy for people who sit all day and feel all cramped up with stiff neck, shoulders, and an aching back.

You can use it all day long. Let’s see:

  • To wake up your body and help with blood and lymph circulation in the morning.
  • Between work, when you’ll be sitting in horrible positions behind your desk.
  • After or between workout to relax your cramped muscles.
  • In the evening, alongside your meditation.

#5 No brain food 🧠

Finally, too much sitting is also bad for our most sensitive organ – the brain. The brain needs pure oxygen for adequate functioning and the mental disconnection they get from sports activity. Plus, when we’re active, all sorts of happy and excited hormones are being released into your bloodstream!

Of course, there are times in your day when you can’t run away from sitting, like driving your car or working in your office. But there are times, especially in your free time, where you can choose NOT sitting. If you spend at least half an hour a day taking a walk instead of staring at some kind of screen, there’s a win for you. Find activities that you enjoy, and if they do not involve sitting, your body and mind will be very thankful in the long run.

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