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Wind down your body and mind when working from home

Work-related stress and anxiety are nowadays so common, their consequences can’t be denied anymore. They don’t bring only mental problems, but they also have a physical toll on your body. Especially with the current situation that we are faced with.

Every person faces their everyday problems, which might be relationships, health, finances, and work.

You spend one-third of your life at work.

Needles to say, to some people, work means everything. You build your whole life around it because it brings you not only money but also satisfaction, gratitude, and overall life quality. It might get you spiritual freedom, and you can feel absolutely completed while working.

But with all that said, it can also bring you down.

You have an insane amount of daily tasks. The telephone is constantly ringing, emails are piling up like a never-ending storm. Your co-workers are talking behind your back, and then there’s your boss…

Where do we start? Always coming to see you at the wrong moment, looking like you don’t do anything, not appreciating your ideas, and completely disregarding your existence.

The challenges you're facing when working from home

What about working from home? What’s an even worse feeling than having your home and office problems combined? Online meetings that last for hours and could be resolved in 5 minutes. So much communication lost in translation! Your office chair is your kitchen chair, and when you feel bold, you might take your laptop and lie on your bed. Your back, neck, and shoulders feel like a rock.

Yes, you can be in pajamas and have a bit greasy hair. Still, you’re continually battling distractions, there are blurred lines between your personal and professional life, you feel lonely and isolated.

Working from home can make you feel a perfect combination of everyday work stress and anxiety that cripples your mind frequently, even when you’re not working.

When you leave your work office, you are physically separated, and your brain (usually and hopefully) shuts down “work time.” When working from home, the scenario is different. You don’t have that physical separation, and you might want to check the emails even when you’re not working. Or maybe just have a glimpse of your inbox – that’s entirely enough to start worrying.

The challenges you're facing when working from home

Cortisol, your stress buddy.
Negative emotions can actually make you physically feel bad, as well. Having a massive headache after an important meeting or having a very stiff neck and shoulders at the end of your workday is not a coincidence. This is all a part of your hormones, reacting to your emotions.

Cortisol is a vital hormone that has an anti-inflammatory function. It is a key player in the stress response. Now, what happens to cortisol when you’re stressed or when you feel anxious? It goes bonkers. It is designed to prepare you to battle the physical or psychological threat. This is all fine when the cortisol is high for a short period. The problems arise when this is continuously happening. A study (source) says that excessive or prolonged cortisol production may have crippling effects – both on your body and on your mind.

Here are a few symptoms of high cortisol:

  • difficulty concentrating
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • acne
  • muscle weakness
  • muscle tightening
  • headache

We would like to emphasize how cortisol affects the tightness of your muscles – when you’re feeling stressed, you unconsciously cramp. Stiff neck and shoulders are the results of tightened muscles. It also might have been the result of hours-long bad posture – remember that kitchen chair in your home office? And behold! Neck pain is a widespread reason behind tension headaches. Well, there you have it, a perfect scenario for a cramped body and a distressed mind.

While short-termed stress might not be such a catastrophic problem. It can be if you’ve been feeling anxious for days. Several studies tie stress and anxiety – high cortisol with chronic pain, especially neck pain.

Incorporating massage in your home office

Our Otobody team has designed Loops, especially for the quick’n’easy massage you need at work. It’s small and highly functional. Doesn’t need any batteries, so forget about the electric massager that always gives up on you when you need it most. Plus, there’s no annoying buzzing! Imagine a good rub between your online meetings – camera off, obviously. 😉

And please don’t fear, we’re not encouraging you to slack off at work. Taking a break with a gentle massage with Loops by Otobody will lower your cortisol levels, making you tired and lose your concentration.

A massage will make you more productive, and it will give you a short break of calmness that you need to battle all those calls and emails!

3 final thoughts to reconsider getting a few minutes of mindful massage before, between, or after your work:

#1 Take a break. Nothing is so essential that you have to do it right away, especially if you’re under high-stress levels. Loops will not only soothe your body but also give you a few peaceful minutes.

#2 Release the tension. Stiff neck and shoulders are the results of your body being in constant stress. With practical Loops, you can massage the affected area and help relax cramped muscles and tissues.

#3 Balance your feelings. Anxiety makes you feel all sorts of emotions (mental and physical). With a gentle massage, give yourself a break and try to acknowledge and accept the feelings.

Care to meet our unique Loops?

Hop on to this link and find other benefits of massage with Loops by Otobody and how they can make your life better. It’s all about the special moments you take for yourself!


Take care,

Otobody team.

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